Slip & Fall Accidents: Supermarkets & Large Discount Stores

Who hasn’t been in a store or other business establishment when they have fallen because of some substance on the floor which the owner of the business should have removed or who hasn’t tripped over something that the employees of the business should have removed so as not to constitute a hazard for customers who enter their business. In most of these cases it is imperative to prove that the substance on the floor or debris left on the floor was left either by the employees of the business or had been on the floor for such a period of time that the employees knew or should have known that the substance or debris was there and had adequate time to clean it up so as to avoid injury its business customers coming onto the premises.

In cases of this nature it is imperative to get as many witnesses as possible who can attest to the fact that the business had actual knowledge or should have known of the dangerous condition on the floor. In this context Mr. Kaydouh or his investigator will go out to the business and interview people so as to find out whether or not the business in question had knowledge of the dangerous condition. A fall of this nature as a result of a substance or debris on the floor usually results in very serious injuries which can include fractures, concussions, closed head injuries, sprains, ligament injuries, knee joint tendon injuries, bruising, swelling. Mr. Kaydouh has substantial experience in this area and as such will adequately gather all the necessary records pertaining to the fall in question, as well as your medical records so as to provide an adequate settlement package to the insurance company and/or jury if necessary.

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